Hi. My name is Maggie.

I’m a freelance writer and herbalist.  I write content for websites, blogs, articles, product descriptions, and more.

My specialities in life and writing include:

  • Alternative Health
  • Healing and Wellness
  • Herbalism and Plants
  • Cannabis (Medical, CBD, Vaping, etc)
  • Animals and Natural Care for Pets
  • DIY, Primitive Skills, Homesteading
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Personal Development.

I write all website copy from landing pages to product descriptions and SEO focused blogs. If your business does not already have a blog, I urge you to consider developing one. I’m happy to help!

Why do you want a blog?

A blog will help your business pull in more web traffic and develop a loyal following. Basically, the more content your website has, the more it will appeal to the SEO logarithms, which will place you higher in the search field—thus making you more easily found by those searching the web.

Furthermore, a blog with excellent content will also instill a sense of trust in your customers who will be more prone to support you as a leader in your field. To learn more, check out this blog I wrote for a website design company.


I have been writing for my entire life and have a passion for words. I studied Creative Writing, along with Anthropology in college and so gained an appreciation for both research-based writings as well as more creative pieces.

With a broad background in alternative health (including nutrition, herbalism, Thai Massage and energy work) and as a practicing herbalist, I am both up to date on supplement jargon and have on hand a wealth of dependable resources in my personal library. I take great pleasure in researching plants, isolates, and various healing modalities and would love to write for your supplement, herbal or alternative health business!

As for my travel background, I have been on the move more or less for about 10 odd years. As such, I am an authority on everything from living out of a truck in the US, to adjusting to cultures all over the world. I’ve written on everything from procuring Camboidan visas, to cafe culture in Ho Chi Minh, to Ayurvedic practices in India.

A great part of my travels has included working on farms and homesteads. I am also an avid primitive skills enthusiast and in addition to working as a camp counselor at a primitive skills camp, I also regularly attend skill-share gatherings. It is a great passion of mine to write about DIY lifestyle and creative tricks for life on the road.

I have also spent 8 years working on Medicinal Marijuana farms and am an expert in the industry. I am deeply invested in spreading research-backed information about the various benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. I also enjoy writing about the more cultural aspects of the Cannabis industry.

To take a look at my resume please click here.

To look at some of my sample articles, click here.

You can reach me at Magrossell@gmail.com