3 All Natural Hair Washing Alternatives When You’re in a Pinch!

So you’ve left on vacation to some exotic island where you’ll be swimming in the ocean and walking in the sun. Lucky you! Only you’ve just realized you forgot to pack your shampoo and conditioner and you know your hair is going to need some extra love after all that salt and sun. It can be challenging when you’re travelling to find decent hair goops that aren’t chockfull of crazy chemicals you can’t even pronounce the name of.

What can you do in a pinch to care for your hair until you get home? Here are three easy to find options while travelling—and you may even discover you love them so much that you’ll wind up throwing out your conventional shampoos and conditioners in favor of these luxuriant alternatives!

Eggs: Eggs are incredible for your hair and will leave it feeling light as a feather. It is both cleansing and softening—substituting for both shampoo and conditioner! Full of protein and fatty acids eggs will make your hair super silky, filling in the cuticle with those healthy fats!  Also containing biotin, folate and vitamin A and E, egg yolks will nourish your hair and scalp, supporting healthy locks and encouraging growth.

To wash your hair with an egg, just crack it open and separate the yolk from the white bit. If you have long hair, you can use several yolks. If you have more oily hair, you can keep an egg white in there, as it contains albumin which helps to remove excessive oil.

Now whip it up and you’re ready to go! Once you’re in the shower and have thoroughly dampened your hair, pour your whipped eggs onto your scalp and work it through your hair, just as you would with shampoo or conditioner, and then rinse. You’ll be amazed with how clean and incredible your hair feels!

Beer: Yes, beer. Preferably stale and at room temperature. Thanks to all the barley and hops, beer is chockfull of minerals and proteins which nourish the hair and make it strong. The sucrose and maltose sugars tighten the cuticle enhancing the shine. Beer is also excellent for dandruff because the PH level helps bring balance to an overly acidic scalp.

Just pour a can of flat beer over your scalp and hair at the end of your shower and let it sit for a few minutes before giving it a quick rinse with water. You will be shocked by how insanely shiny and glistening your locks will look—seriously. If you have curls, they will bounce like never before.

This trick can also be a handy way to recycle those half full cans after a good party—Never Refuse to Reuse!

Oil: If you remembered your shampoo, but not your conditioner, oil is an excellent ally. You probably already know that oil is great for your hair and is a key ingredient in just about every shampoo and conditioner out there. Oil moisturizes the long shafts healing dried out ends. Any oil will do—but preferably something that is of good quality, such as an olive or coconut oil.

The trick is to rub the oil into your locks—concentrating on the ends—before you even get into the shower. When your hair gets wet, it “opens up” in a sense, absorbing the water and thus drying out. By lubricating your hair with oil before showering, your hair will actually absorb the oil instead of the water, as the viscous substance fills in the cuticle, acting as a natural conditioner.

Then when you shampoo, you’ll wash away any greasy affect while maintaining the perfect soft and shiny feel!

Have any other natural hair conditioners or shampoos? Comment below and tell us about your experience!