5 Classic Bed Sheet Costumes for Halloween

With the Halloween season upon us, every man, woman and child has the same question on their minds: “What am I going to be?”  Well, may we suggest you take a hint from the people of yore, and utilize what you have on hand?

Two words: bed sheets.

These throw backs to some classic costumes are truly timeless, and you can get endlessly creative with how you personalize your style. Whether you wrap yourself up in a toga to be your favourite Greek goddess or god, or cut eye holes for the perfect vintage ghost look, your sheets can provide you with limitless potential. (Just make sure you use old sheets if you’re getting out the scissors!)


Cut eye holes for a classic vintage ghost look.
Drape your sheets about you with knots and ropes for a toga.
Make yourself a stylised cape to be a super hero.
Wrap up in strips of sheet to look like an old school mummy
Barring all that, you can always look to Lady Liberty for inspiration.