Best Trim Scissors for the Cannabis Harvest

Trim season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get your tools of the trade in order! We all know, the better your tools and the sharper your blade the faster you trim (meaning more money!!). Also, the less hand fatigue, the better–it’s important to preserve your digits!  Investing in the proper tools is well worth the up front cost, as it will save you physical pain and needless time.

There are countless trim scissors on the market these days. This is a quick guide to some of the best options out there.  I recommend ordering your trim scissors online as a good way to be prepared before the crunch of work is upon you, especially as finding the good scissors at the hydroponic shops can be like chasing windmills.

Warning: Watch out for cheap knock-offs that have heavier springs and are all together more cumbersome and straining for your hands (such as Giros, which looks almost identical to the Zenport, but with a heavier spring and thicker blade, they aren’t good for much besides bucking). Unfortunately, these cheaper brands are the ones more often stocked at most hydroponic/garden shops.

Best Trim Scissors

Gernerally people either swear by the spring-loaded pruner style scissors, or else they swear by the more traditional scissors. Both will argue that their preferred tool is the best, the fastest, the easiest and the least fatiguing, for a variety of reasons. I personally alternate, though through the years I’ve become more and more of a traditional stylist, using my springed pruners only for bucking or the occasional throw back.

Traditional styles are considered the more ergonomic option and will cause less long term damage (strain and arthritis).

Spring Loaded Pruners

Zenports–Spring loaded and a curved blade, these Oregon made scissors are designed specifically for trimming the cannabis flower. They come with a super thin, curved blade and light spring. They are pretty much the only spring loaded scissors I’ll use, but have become increasingly difficult to find. A few years back, they were the primary scissor on the market, but while trends come and go (and these have sadly receded from the market in

favor of the afore mentioned, bulky Giros), I still swear by these well made Zenports.

Search: Zenport Microblade Trimmer H355C  ($10-15)

Traditional Scissors

Chikamasa–named after a japanese sword legend, these are the holy grail of trim scissors in the cannabis culture. Hitting the market on a grand scale a couple years ago, trimmers usually use one

of 3 styles: straight (B500SF), tilted (B500SLF) or curved blade (B500 SRF). I love curved blades because I can really move around the bud quickly (I often use them upside down in fact), but again, it’s all personal preference. On some strains I actually opt for the tilted blade. I never use the flat, straight blade. These scissors are very sharp and seem to go dull less frequently than other scissors. ($20-25)

ARS–Another Japanese brand, these were all the rage before Chikamasa hit the scene. They keep a lower profile with white handles (instead of the neon orange that characterizes many of the other brands) and also come in a variety of sizes, including straight (SS-320BT), tilted B(SS-320BM) and there used to be a cur

ved blade that seems impossible to find now. The blade is a little shorter than the Chikamasas. They cost around the same amount ($20-25). I prefer Chikamasa, but these are still very good scissors and I still have a pair I rotate through my work.

Now choose your tool and go make some money!