Content Writing

If you have a service or a product you want to sell, then you need to pull in customers with clean, clear and creatively written content. You want writing that captivates your readers and makes them click the button, buy your product or request your service. Do you want to educate, excite or intrigue your potential clients? Whatever you’re going for, we can work together to make them want what you’ve got.

I’m a thorough researcher, an effective communicator and will provide you with clear, informative writing that will spark the interest of your readers.

I also offer the following services:

  • Editing/Proofreading: Need someone to polish your spelling or grammar? Or a more in depth line-editor? I will make your final written product flow flawlessly with clear meaning.
  • Idea Generation: Struggling to come up with blog ideas? I’m an idea machine.
  • SEO research: I will perform keyword research to discover the keywords that will get your ranking at the top of Google.
  • WordPress Publication: I can head up your monthly or weekly publications on wordpress or other website platform.
  • Yoast: While publishing, I will make sure all articles are search engine optimized with the help of Yoast.
  • Blog Creation: Need to start from scratch? I can help.